Arsch auf Eimer, Faust auf Auge.

I’m going to share a little secret with you. Actually, I should have shared it with you ages ago, but most „people“ aren’t ready for this kind of secret. I’ve decided you’re different. It’s the secret to getting anything, absolutely anything you want. Okay? To magnetizing into your life the things, emotions, and circumstances you dream of. All right? It explains how masters become masters and adepts become adepts. And it’ll finally convince you that I am always there with you to lend a hand or perform a miracle. Cool?


Yeah, practice. Because just a little practice goes further than you could ever imagine. Now fight the temptation to nod and shrug it off. Do something! Visualize just a little. Act with faith just a little. Explore your beliefs just a little. Manifest a little something; a phone call, a compliment, a flower, whatever. Expect a little miracle. Expect a little help. Expect it to be easy.

[Universe said. Und hats mal wieder ganz genau getroffen. Kann ich wirklich sehr empfehlen, diese Nachrichten vom Universum.]


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